Testimonials/Photos from July 2018 Trip to Kmt/Egypt



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July 2018 “Trip of a Lifetime!”


“BLESSINGS. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this awesome life changing, Spiritual Awakening 10 day Journey! Each and everyone of you will always have a special place in my heart.”

-Michelle P.

“Thank you all for a lifetime of memories in the land of Kmt!!”

-Keisha J.

“Thank you for all you provided us with. I know you put forth so much effort. There really aren’t words to express the thanks but I hope you feel the love. I am truly changed and sooo thankful. DUA!!!!”

-Keely L.


 On another one of my many travels

This time……not to find myself but to rather:

Elevate myself

                                                          Reach a higher sense of self

                                                          Better know myself

                                                          Three-invent my already reinvented self

I have walked through temples

Seen the tombs of queens and kings

Caressed the hieroglyphs on sacred walls

And sailed across the Nile

I have taken that journey of Ra

My feet have felt the heat of the Cairo sand

Yes I tanned, but did not burn because I learned that the sun was a friend of mine

While still high on Giza,

I ascended the Great Pyramid

Felt the power of my distant ancestors

And poured libation for my recent ones




Or should I say “Dua”?

As I stood before the Sphinx in yoga postures

I felt the energy of Ra giving me that precious gift

That spiritual lift I have sought for way too long

A gift I couldn’t wait to tap into and stir up


On this journey I have seen the ancient tombs




Ramses II

Among others I can’t even name

I marveled over their greatness

I marveled over the greatness of the people who did these carvings

The skills they had

The technology they used

The way they were educated


Couldn’t help but marvel over their greatness

But then a fellow traveler

A Nubian sistah named Queen told me

That I’m great too


This is my journey

My journey of Ra

And this journey is ongoing

Because in reality the sun never sets



“Thanks Lawrence, Simone & Adam for a memorably fun, educational trip of a lifetime. All your planning paid off. It was a pleasure meting & getting to know everyone! Best of Health & Wellness!”


The trip was the most enlightening both mentally and visually for me that I have ever been on.  I look forward to next year.  Thank you for all the work and patience it takes to work with a group of people for 10 days. No, I should say a year, from the entire planning stage, waiting of moneys etc… to the post trip followups.    You both came through on top of it all!”

-Dr. Chenu


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