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This site through blog posts, product and special event offerings provides information to assist the person seeking “Knowledge of Self.”

The information provided is based on application of Ancient Egyptian philosophical and spiritual principles. Few realize that the layout, design, structure and symbols of the Temples, as well as the hieroglyphic writings were ways of describing the process of transformation from human consciousness to spiritual consciousness.

Many consider “Knowledge of Self” to be knowledge of the history of a person or group. However, this is only Part 1 of the “Knowledge of Self” to be learned. Historical knowledge of the contributions of ones’ lineage is the first step and necessary to rid one of internal negative feelings of inadequacy based on one-sided narratives provided in western societal cultures. This is especially true regarding the contribution of Africa and its Black skinned descendants.

After one learns the historical roots and/or contributions of his/her lineage then one is to begin Part 2 of the “Knowledge of Self” process. That requires that one seek and then awaken to the knowledge of his/her being by engaging in the process of answering the age-old question “Who Am I?”

Few realize that the greatest civilization to ever have existed occurred in Africa. It is known as the Nile Valley Civilization and was located in the northeast quadrant of the continent in ancient times. This greatest statement is based on the longevity of its society (>5,000 years), its building technological advancements (Giza Plateau, Sphinx and Temple construction methods) its contribution to the field of medicine (Edwin Smith Papyrus, Ebers and Berlin Medical Papyri to name a few are the foundation of western societal medicinal practices) and its contribution to alchemy.

While some are aware that the achievements done by the Nile Valley ancestors today  can’t be replicated, few realize that these achievements were possible “as a result” of the pursuit and realization of the “Knowledge of Self” internal inquiry. Alchemy of the highest order was born in Africa. Many consider alchemy to be the process of transforming one substance into another which is true. However, this is the lowest level of alchemy. The highest level of alchemy is the process of transforming ones’ mortal consciousness to spiritual consciousness! This process was perfected by the Nile Valley civilization in Africa. This is Part 2 of the Knowledge of Self inquiry and is the reason that we provide tours to Kmt. One who attends our tours is one already aware of the African origins and contributions to the world. For our attendees this is a given. The person choosing to travel with us wants an introduction to the people who developed the practices which transform a person in this way and what those practices are.

You are encouraged to add comments to the blogs and especially encouraged to attend one of our trips to Egypt in April 2023 where you will be able to see for yourself how this transformation process was described through the layout, design, structure and symbols of the Temples we will visit.

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