Your “Trip of a Lifetime has Arrived!”


Your Trip of a Lifetime!


Has Arrived!

This “Trip of a Lifetime” to visit the Ancient sites of Egypt/Kmt is designed for those who have always been fascinated and in awe of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Valley of the Kings and Queens and numerous Temple Complexes but never knew why.

This “Trip of a Lifetime” is also designed for the person who is fascinated by the phrase Know Thyself who would like to be introduced to what a practice like this meant in ancient times and now in everyday life.

This “Trip of a Lifetime” is also designed for those who identify with the Process of Transformation as being “a process of transformation from mortal consciousness to eternal consciousness and from animal consciousness to spiritual consciousness.” A process that comes directly from Ancient Egypt.

Ra Sun Disk Khepera                                                                      Opening the Mouth 5

Finally this “Trip of a Lifetime” is for those who want more than a historical account of who built the structures and do not accept the mainstream Egyptological versions of why the structures were built and what their purpose was/is.

Join us and you will:

– Discover that complete transformation requires awareness of the relationship between Knowing Thyself, Self-Mastery, Immortality and Enlightenment and that anything short of this awareness is surface transformation at best.

– Discover what “awakened consciousness” meant in ancient times, what it means to you today and why this is important in your transformational process of Knowing Thyself.

– You will learn that at one time “The Egyptian Mysteries aka The Secret Teachings” were exalted and recognized as the highest culture in the world by Africans, Europeans, Asiatics, Hindus, Buddhists and other cultures of the ancient world until they were shunned by the emerging orthodox world religions. Most importantly you will see that “The Mysteries” were teachings/practices that led to complete transformation and can be accessed by those who are ready to begin the process today.

– You will learn that the Ancient Egyptians practiced Yoga Exercises and Meditation thousands of years ago and you will see on the reliefs themselves people doing Yoga postures. You will discover that Egyptian Yoga and Meditation were/are practices that assist the transformation process.

Egyptian Yoga               Egyptian Yoga 3         Egyptian Yoga 2

All of this done in the birthplace of humanity where transformational practices reached their height according to the Palermo Stone, the Turin Papyrus and the account of Priest Maneto.





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