April 2020 Tour to Kmt/Egypt

Your Trip of a Lifetime to visit the Ancient Sites of

Kmt/Egypt has Arrived!


Due to the Coronavirus next month’s trip has been cancelled. The trip will be rescheduled at a later time when conditions warrant a safe travel experience.”

The trip dates are:

April 4 – 11, 2020

The “All-Inclusive” “Basic Tour Package price of the tour of $3,195 dollars includes 5 Star hotel lodging, 2 meals per day, entry fees into all the sites in Cairo and Aswan, ground transportation while in Egypt and all tips! A non-refundable deposit of $350 dollars is required to book this tour.

Cross visiting the Pyramids of Egypt off your bucket list by joining us as we:

  • Visit the oldest structure on the planet, “The Step Pyramid”
  • Visit the Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau of Egypt
  • Visit the Great Sphinx (Horamakhet)
  • Visit the Cairo Museum
  • Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo
  • Visit the Temple of Aset (Isis)
  • Visit a Nubian Village
  • Visit the Abu Simbel Temple
  • Visit the Nefetari Temple

Add on Trip to Luxor” which also includes 5-Star hotel lodging, 2 meals per day, entry fees into the following sites for an additional price of $750 dollars:

April 11-14, 2020 in Luxor

  • Visit the Temple of Hathshepsut
  • Visit the Temple of Amun at Luxor (Known as “The Temple of Man!”)
  • Visit the Temple of Amun at Karnac
  • Visit the Valley of the Queens (including visit to the tomb of Queen Nefetari)
  • Visit the Valley of the Kings (including visit to the Tomb of King Seti I)

Join us on one or both Tour Packages and you will………

  • Learn how the Temple and societal structure was designed to lead a person from mortal consciousness to spiritual consciousness through multiple lectures provided by Lawrence/Anpu a student of the Mysteries who will provide lectures on the following topics:
    • Maat and the role it played in everyday society;
    • The Educational system for both the lay person and those in the clergy;
    • The role of Women in everyday Kamit/Egypt;
    • Marriage, Family and Divorce in Kamit/Egypt;
    • The food diet of the lay person and the clergy;
    • What the Mysteries were/are;
    • The spirituality and religion of the Ancient Kamitan people. Did they really believe in multiple Gods & Goddesses? (the short answer is “no” they did not);
    • The Ethnicity of the people of Ancient Kamit (Although the African origin of Ancient Kamit is a given, this will be briefly discussed with references provided about it). 
  • For more specific information in general please review the:

Kmt 2020 Registration Packet

Tour Registration Form


Day 1– Departure from New York for Round Trip Air travel to Cairo.

Day 2 – Arrival in Cairo where we will be met by our tour guides. Travel by deluxe air-conditioned bus from the airport to the Five Star Hotel Le Meridian. Group meeting before dinner to discuss the program, tomorrow’s tour, and Lecture 1.

Day 3 – Visit the Step Pyramid the oldest structure in the world. If open we will also visit the tomb of King Unas which is on the site. This tomb contains the Pyramid Texts which are the oldest spiritual texts in codified history. Lecture 2 before dinner. (Meals for the day Breakfast, Dinner)

Aker Symbol 3

Day 4– Visit to the Giza Plateau complex, Sphinx (Horamakhet) in the morning. In the afternoon we will travel to the Cairo Museum before returning to the hotel. Lecture 3 before dinner led by Lawrence. (Meals for the day Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 5 –  After breakfast in Cairo transfer from hotel to airport for flight to Aswan. After check in to the Movenpick Hotel we will visit the Kom Ombo Temple. Lecture 4 before dinner. (Meals: Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 6 – Visit the Temple of Aset/Isis on the island of Philae in the morning and then sail down the Nile River for tea with a Nubian Egyptian family who have lived south of Aswan from the beginning of Egyptian history.  Lecture 5 before dinner.  (Meals: Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 7 – Early morning visit to the famous Temple of Ramses at Abu Simbel and the adjoining Temple of Queen Nefetari. Lecture 6 before dinner. Prepare for tomorrow’s departure for home (unless Add On Tour to Luxor has been purchased). (Meals: Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 8 – After checkout departure to the Aswan Airport to transfer to Cairo International and back to the states for those who purchased the Basic Tour Package. (Meals: Breakfast)

Add On to Luxor Participants

Day 8 – After checkout departure to Luxor by bus. After arrival and check in to the 5-Star Sonesta Hotel, visit to the Temple of Hathshepsut. Lecture 7 before dinner. (Meals: Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 9 – Visit both Temples of Amun in Luxor aka “The Temple of Man” and Karnac. Lecture 8 before dinner (Meals: Breakfast and Dinner)

Day 10 – Visit to the Valley of the Kings and Queens after breakfast on our final day of the tour. While called tombs by modern day Egyptologists you will immediately notice their Temple like design and structure. You will also notice the equal treatment afforded the Queens in their sites. We will visit the tombs of King Seti 1 and Queen Nefetari. They are the best preserved tombs by far in the Valleys. Upon return to the hotel we will have a brief Group meeting and then pack for travel back to your home destination tomorrow.  (Meals Breakfast and Dinner)

Valley of the Queens 5

Day 11 – Check out of the hotel after breakfast for flights back to Cairo and then our home destination.

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*We reserve the right to change the order of the sites that we will visit.*


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