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(Dua Pose)

The pose you see me doing you will see often on the Temple reliefs if you join us on one of our tours. Dua means adorations and when you see it on the reliefs it is being done to acknowledge the essence of a person that is beyond physicality. The essence of a person which is Divine.


This pose is depicted numerous times on the reliefs in most of the temples and often combined with making some sort of offering. What was worthy of such adoration to the ancient Kamitan aka Egyptian people you may be wondering? That which is “real.”


That which is physical, or physicality is always in a state of deterioration. Hence it is always changing and does not stay the same. However, there is an “essence” that gives rise to physicality which never changes. It is the same today as it was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. This “essence” is infinite and transcendental. It is this “essence” that the people of ancient Africa considered to be “real.” It is this “essence” that they continuously gave reverence to through the Dua pose.

Lawrence Mathews (Anpu Waset), has studied the culture and philosophy (the “Mysteries”) of the ancient native peoples of the land called Kamit/Kmt (Egypt) by its inhabitants for the past 15 years under the guidance of Dr. Muata Ashby. Dr. Ashby is the author of over 70 books on the culture, philosophy, spirituality, and religion (the “Mysteries) of the ancient people of the land. Lawrence (Anpu) during this time through his Opening The Way Publishing Company, created the “Inspirational Philosophy” genre of writing and has published the following books:

Inspirational philosophy applies ancient philosophical principles to common situations of today in an inspirational way.

In the earlier time of his life he was an educator for ten years, a professional manager for five years and practiced law for ten years. As an attorney, he has practiced and made oral argument before the Michigan Supreme Court, practiced and made oral argument before the Michigan Court of Appeals and practiced before the United States District Courts for both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan.

He believes that the purpose of life is to “Know Thyself” at the deepest level of our being by awakening to the answer of the question “Who Am I?” His products and programs assist others with achieving this purpose.

“The secrets of the universe cannot be discovered through study and research alone but the honest search for truth and the development of an incorruptible mind qualifies the seeker for higher instruction.”

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“Make your life the subject of intense inquiry, in this way you will discover its goal, direction and destiny.”

-Ancient African Egyptian Proverbs

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