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Did you know that the ancient people of Kmt/Egypt in their writings about their history date it back to 30,000 – 50,000 B.C.E.? The Palermo Stone, the Royal Tablets at Abydos, the Royal Papyrus of Turin and the writings of Manetho, one of the last High Priests of Ancient Egypt, all corroborate this.
So, before there was the Songai Empire, before there was Timbuktu, before the Mali and Ghana Empires, before Judaism, Christianity and Islam, before the Greek civilization and the Sumerians, there was:
This is not known to most as Egypt began to be vilified by the late 18th and 19th century writers to support the colonization of Africa and the slave trade. However, its recognition immediately changes what has previously been thought to be the origin of humanity, culture and religion.
Heru and Great Pyramid Color
Our trips are directed towards those interested in having a conscious, educational, historical and spiritual experience through visiting the ancient sites of Egypt. We usually  visit the following places:
         The Giza Plateau;
         The Horamakhet/Sphinx;
         The Cairo Museum;
–         The Step Pyramid;
         The Temple of Amun at Luxor;
         The Temple of Hathshepsut;
–         The Luxor Museum;
         The Valley of the Kings and Queens;
         The Nubian Museum;
         The Temple of Ramses at Abu Simbel; and
         The Temple of Aset on the island of Philae.
Wall Painting of Tutankhamun Accompanied by Anubis and Nephthys
This is a “Trip of a Lifetime” because presently no place on Earth has the large number of sites made of stone that Egypt has. Sites that contain monuments that are “thousands of years old.” Sites constructed with a level of precision that can’t be matched or duplicated today. Sites constructed based on a view of life unknown to many in this present day and age.  A view of life that led ancient Greek philosophers to request permission to study in the Temples of Ancient Kmt. In fact the Greek philosophers most are familiar with today studied for years in the Temples of Kmt under the tutelage of its Priests and Priestesses. Did you know that?
Solon, Thales, Plato, Eudoxus and Pythagoras went to Egypt and consorted with the priests. Eudoxus they say, received instruction from Chonuphis of Memphis*, Solon from Sonchis of Sais*, and Pythagoras from Oeniphis of Heliopolis.”*
                           -Plutarch (Greek historian c. 46-120 A.C.E.)
                           (Greek names for cities in Ancient Egypt)
In fact, according to Iamblicus in the book  “Life of Pythagoras,” it is written that “most of the precepts that he (Pythagoras) taught he copied from the Egyptian hieroglyphic texts.”
The Ancient Greek philosophers sought instruction from the ancient Temples of Kmt and used this knowledge as the basis of the philosophy later ascribed to them.
The Ancient Greek philosophers understood the importance of Ancient Kmt. Do you?
Join us! For more information about our next trip follow the link July 2019
Looking forward to seeing you in the Land of the Pyramids!
Blessings and Peace!

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