What Are The Egyptian Mysteries?

This post is written to give you an idea of what you will experience if you join us on our Tour of the Ancient Sites of Kamit/Egypt in April 2020. Info about the tour can be found at the following link April 2020 Egypt Tour

Consider the following to get a taste of what you will experience while on the Tour:
What Are The Mysteries?
For thousands of years the spiritual tradition of Ancient Egypt aka “Shetaut Neter” aka “The Egyptian Mysteries,” aka “The Secret Teachings,” have fascinated, tantalized and amazed the world. At one time exalted and recognized as the highest culture of the world by Africans, Europeans, Asiatics, Hindus, Buddhists and other cultures of the ancient world, in time it was shunned by the emerging orthodox world religions. Its temples desecrated, its philosophy maligned, its tradition spurned. But the teachings of the mysteries survived, pieces of it carried on unaware, in ritual by African religions such as the Yoruba and Dogon, in Indian Yoga and Buddhist Dharma, its symbols and traditions co-opted by western religions, its philosophy dormant in the mystical Medu Neter, the mysterious hieroglyphic texts which hold the secret symbolic meaning that has scarcely been discerned up to now.
Temple of Abu Simbel 2
In short, “The Mysteries” are the spiritual teachings which provide its practitioner an understanding of the mystical plan of life, the origins of the universe, the mysteries of Creation and the subtle planes of existence and the parts of the personality that traverse and transcend them. They show one how to realize the highest Self-Mastery and how to find the path that leads to Akhu, enlightenment and supreme peace through self-knowledge, higher consciousness and immortality.
Join us in April 2020 and see for yourself what a society did and can do when “The Mysteries” are the foundational practice of its society!
Blessings and Peace!
Lawrence (Anpu Waset) 
“The Inspirational Philosopher”

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