On Truth

The “Truth Shall Set You Free!” is a universally recognized phrase. This phrase suggests that “freedom” arising from the knowledge about the truth of something is possible when that truth is accepted and then acted in accordance with. As truth is universal one would think by now that its awareness would have set people seeking truth free from whatever their bound to. However, truth cannot set a person free until he/she first understands what “truth” is.

This blog presents a few of the reasons why truth doesn’t set people free.

When the word truth is brought up, three different ideas about truth come to mind. The first and second ideas are the most common. Rarely is number three considered even though it is the most important.

1.  The Truth About Something That Happened;

2.  The Truth About Time and Space or the Earth and our existence on it; and

3.  The Underlying Truth About the Reality of Nature and Existence Itself.


The “Truth” About Something That Happened

The truth of something is not always easily understood because people typically consider “what happened/effect and the truth of its occurrence” as a universal truth. Generally, no analysis beyond this is considered. Although knowing what happened is important (effect), confining ones’ views in this way closes the mind to the more important cause of them. This easily leads the mind to use the truth about what happened as a basis to support irrational beliefs. Not surprisingly truth in this environment becomes the basis for holding onto archaic ideas about a variety of things.

For example, racism and its discussion is often difficult because the “truth of what happened” during the slave trade era supports people’s unreasonable beliefs that people are different because of the color of their skin. Although what happened during this era is true, what happened is not based on the underlying nature of reality. Therefore, the truth of what happened cannot set a person, group or nation free. This we can see by looking at the history of the USA and its present one.

Limiting the idea of truth to effects (what happened) creates mental bondage not mental freedom.

The “Truth About Time and Space or the Earth and our Existence on it

A second reason that truth does not set people free is because it is easy to associate the truths inherent in our existence on this planet as universal truths. “What goes up must come down” is an example of something considered to be a universal truth. Gravity of course is the force behind the phrase. However, most if not all know that just a few miles above the Earth gravity as we know it does not exist. This knowledge does not negate our belief in the universal truth that if something goes up it will come down. This gravity example is one about a force of nature that we cannot see. However, there are other truths about our existence accepted as universal ones even though they’re not.

One such example of a belief about our existence on Earth accepted as a universal truth is that only a small percentage of the population should have most of the wealth and resources of the planet. It is accepted as universally true that it is okay for the majority of human beings to lack the basic necessities and often go without them while a tiny minority handful has excess.

It is easy to see how acceptance as true of these types of beliefs is anything but freeing.

The Underlying Basis of Truth

Few people get to the underlying basis of truth because they get lost in the first two above. Therefore, in the guise of truth, people become bound to beliefs that pose as it. Beliefs masquerading as universal truth cannot liberate anyone. Only universal truth that transcends what happened and existence on this planet can free a person and society. This is because universal truth is true no matter where you are.  Existence in this galaxy or the hundreds of millions of others does not change a universal truth.

It is this truth that will set people free because in it is found the connection that all have to each other and to each thing. When it is accepted and then lived that what is done unto others is being done onto ourselves, then it will be easy to “do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” This is when freedom will come because only then will we be able to realize both what it is that we are bound to and consequently that which we need freedom from.

Peace and Blessings!

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